Excellent Freight Transportation Services

In 1997, Transport Marketer was established as a means of helping shippers of Canadian lumber products with their transportation needs. We started serving clients in the produce and food industry in 2004. Soon after, we started doing so for the dry manufactured goods industry. Today, we continue coordinating freight transportation services for households and businesses. With our easy-to-use online transportation booking and quoting service, you’ll be able to save time and money.

After booking with us, you can relax knowing that everything is being taken care of by seasoned transportation experts who have handled every imaginable type of haul or move. We only provide solutions, not problems. In addition to our quick quotes and online booking, shippers appreciate us for our automated tracking by email, welcoming environment, and round-the-clock live customer support.

Specific Truck Solutions

Our customers have access to the best-maintained fleet of vehicles and the strength of the most highly skilled drivers in the business every day of the year for any type of over-the-road highway transport requirement imaginable. Because of our extensive industry knowledge of particular trailer models and commodities handling techniques, our company is the most reliable and safest option for over-the-road truck transport.

Our cumulative expertise in equipment is unmatched. To keep your freight moving at all times and our drivers safe, we even have our own 24-hour internal roadside repair and assistance program. We are your safest and most dependable choice for the following:

  • 53-Foot Refrigerated Trailer Transport
  • Enclosed 53-Foot Air-Ride Van Trailers
  • 53-Foot Intermodal Shipping Containers and Chassis
  • 53-Foot Flat Deck Service
  • Heavy Equipment Removals
  • Building Site Services

Right now, there is a capacity for both full truckload and less-than-load (LTL) service. Additionally, we offer support services like drayage, lumping, shunting, and crane service. Freight All Kinds, perishables, and oversized goods are some of the typical commodities we transport.

The key to our success in the trucking industry is that we only work with the best truck drivers and keep our equipment up to date on a strict schedule, ensuring that you receive the best, most dependable trucking service.

Specific Rail Solutions

Transport Marketer is North America’s sole practical solution for efficiently transporting freight over the rail because of its exclusive and unmatched contracted priority access to rail ramp times and train space with all primary Class I railroads and intermodal businesses. With our long-standing contract rail routing, no other transportation logistics company matches our rate and service quality.

We represent 83% of the intermodal rail equipment used in North America through our exclusive agency agreements. Delivering by rail car or intermodal rail container is an option that shippers are considering more often since it offers savings of up to 45% compared to the expense of transporting over the road. Rail transport is the best option for rolling inventories since the opportunity cost of 10-25% slower train transit times (compared to over-the-road transit times) is more than covered by the cost savings of shipping by rail.

Since shipping by rail uses around 67% less fuel than shipping by truck to move one ton of freight one mile and the environment’s effect on key performance metrics, more shippers are exploring alternative methods of shipping their products. Ask us how you can integrate our rail car siding-equipped warehousing and distribution options with our existing rail transport business.

Specific Ocean Solutions

Our position as a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) shipping agent enables our customers to benefit from year-round access to ocean transport capacity, free from minimum yearly volume requirements or service interruptions. Small and medium-sized international importers and exporters gain the most from our international ocean shipping program since they can take advantage of our highly sought-after capacity guarantee at competitive prices with those charged by higher-volume carriers.

You won’t ever need to make multiple calls to different steamship companies or worry about not getting service when you need it because we have dedicated space available on almost every ship sailing to and from major seaports in North America. Start saving time and money and become productive by booking an international ocean freight with us.

Specific Air Solutions

Air freight is frequently the sole option to meet tight delivery deadlines. Book your high-priority air shipments with us when you can’t take a chance or don’t have time to lose. We have connections with every significant International Air Transport Association (IATA) freight shipping airline. Whether a single parcel to a private jet charter relocation, our company simplifies air freight shipping.

Because of our advantageous position near Toronto Pearson International Airport, our regional pickup or delivery vehicles in the Greater Toronto Area can respond swiftly to changes in flight schedules and deliver your freight more promptly than any other transport company. By making your air shipment booking with us, you may avoid delays and maintain your schedule.

Specific Transportation Solutions

To create the optimum routing strategy for your shipments, we integrate our extensive experience across all types of transportation. On every shipment in our care, we can provide you with the appropriate, specifically tailored transportation options by examining the details of your supply chain against our “mode-neutral” business model. We may even offer complete outsourcing of your shipping and supply chain operations as your designated transport management company.

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Get a quote, book your truck, rail, ocean, and air freight shipments with us, and improve your supply chain efficiency soon. You may also schedule a free no-obligation analysis of your supply chain network. For more information about our freight transportation services, contact us. We will go above and beyond our duties to achieve customer satisfaction.